Guide: Main Plots

Table of Contents:

1. Active Plots

1.1. Political Intrigues

1.1.1. Mac Tir Loyalists

1.1.2. Denerim Conspiracies

1.1.3. The Bastards of Highever

1.1.4. A Bann Too Many

1.2. Thedas Rebuilds

1.2.1. Lothering Blightlands

1.2.2. Order

1.2.3. Haven Recovers

1.2.4. Kirkwall Restoration

1.3. Quests

1.3.1. No Man Left Behind

2. Potential Plots

2.1. Voshai

2.2. Exiles of the Sunless Lands & Sea of Ash

2.3. The Executors

Main Plots of Thedas & Beyond

This is a list of major and minor plots in our game, in addition to some (mostly canon) potential plots players might wish to explore in a smaller-scale way or to build into a larger plot of their own (albeit the latter option will involve moderator oversight).

You may have noticed some boards have a quest marker like this: .

In their board description, you will find a link to this page that should jump to their respective plot.

Mini-plots are typically run by fellow players and/or are posted in-character as "jobs" on the Chanter's Board. Players can also contribute to the overall discussion surrounding plots, be they major or minor, in our out-of-character discussion board called OOC Plotting.

You may also want to comb through our World State carefully for plot ideas, as we mostly just posted information taken from epilogues there.

1. Active Plots

1.1. Political Intrigues

If you thought all was well and peaceful in Thedas after Alistair's coronation or after Empress Celene was reconciled with both Gaspard and Briala, you'd be wrong. Our game will explore numerous political intrigues, many of which have potential to bleed into one another if they don't already overlap.


Though he won the support of many during the Landsmeet that ultimately decided who would sit on Ferelden's throne, not everyone in the nation supports King Alistair's claim to the crown. There are those who would still prefer the "Dowager Queen", Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir), as Ferelden's ruler. Some have even been bold enough to write to the King directly, all but demanding Anora's release from confinement. There have also been a few failed attempts at freeing her over the last thirteen years albeit those who had attempted these coups have already been captured or otherwise dealt with. In recent years, loyalists and royalists have had all the more reason to butt heads as the former have grown to become far more outspoken critics of Alistair's rule. The king and his chancellor, a former arl by the name Eamon Guerrin, have had and continue to navigate these murky waters in deciding when talk is simply talk or when it is talk with intention. The latter would, without question, be considered treason. Many blame Mac Tir loyalists for inciting unrest in both Gwaren and Oswin, regions historically tied to the Mac Tirs—regardless of the source of such discord, these seemingly small rebellions have yet to be permanently resolved by the Crown which many fear could mean the possibility of another full-scale civil war in the future.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Major Plot] Mac Tir Loyalists


Presently, between the likes of Arl Vaughan Kendells and Bann Nicola Baranti, Denerim remains not simply Ferelden's capital but is quickly becoming the Capital of Conspiracies overall. Kendells' fealty to the Crown remains dubious at best, as his support during the Landsmeet of years past had been born out of Aedan Cousland's freeing him in exchange for Vaughan's vote at the time. Baranti, on the other hand, has been weaving her webs in Denerim for decades—nonetheless she is beloved in the community, in part, for being a patron of the underdog. Meanwhile, rumours of a secret society operating out of Denerim, whose members are said to prefer a return to Imperial rule, persist as well. Moreover, evidence has come to light regarding the recently dismantled Dragon's Breath conspiracy in that that the late Viddasala might have secretly had support from someone in the Capital of Denerim. If it wasn't the city of a "backwater nation", participants of the Game in Orlais might even be impressed by all the recent buzz in Ferelden's capital.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] Denerim Conspiracies
* Includes aspects of the Dragon Age tabletop campaign called "Blood In Ferelden: A Fragile Web".


The Hero of Ferelden, though having made the ultimate sacrifice during the Fifth Blight, lives on in his, shockingly, many illegitimate children. Many of whom were allegedly conceived well before the Blight had even happened yet who, nonetheless, also became known to Teryn Fergus Cousland only after Aedan was made posthumously famous. Whether or not all such claims are valid is uncertain, though some have apparently warranted enough plausibility that the Teryn has embraced a number of these individuals as his kin. Some say it is out of the goodness of the Teryn's heart that he chooses to share the Cousland name thusly, while others suspect it is a strategy to avoid any attempts of the usurpation of his Terynir. Despite having been the younger Cousland son, many had thought Aedan was better suited to the role of Teryn over that of Fergus.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] The Bastards of Highever!


Within the last year, a band of murderous outlaws, under the leadership of Waldric the Gore-Handed, has beset first the loggers operating in the forests near Logerswold and then the villagers themselves as they travel the Ruswold Valley region. Many have been killed thus far, and the local industry disrupted. The once quiet the region has been thrown into turmoil. Although Bann Krole has made some progress in harrying the outlaws, Fereldan freeholders are free to elect new banns to protect them, which is what seems about to happen in the Ruswold. A landless lordling named Martyn Trumhall, whose family hails from a river valley to the north of the Ruswold, gained popularity in Logerswold when he and his retainers slew a group of Gore-hand’s outlaws who assaulted his party. Well-spoken, handsome, and dynamic, Trumhall seems like the perfect leader. The harried Logerswolders are rumoured to be holding a referendum, soon, to oust Krole and replace him with their new hero.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] A Bann Too Many
Based on the Dragon Age tabletop campagin of the same name.

1.2. Thedas Rebuilds

Many regions, towns, and villages are rebuilding following the end of the Mage-Templar War. Truth be told, some of these areas were still recovering from the Fifth Blight when the war itself erupted—prompting any prior progress made in the effort to rebuild to reset at zero.


The soil is still Blighted, meaning the area is not habitable and locals have not returned. The Grey Wardens patrol the area regularly, killing darkspawn stragglers to ensure any possible threat that might remain is contained as well as using the area as a training grounds for new recruits.

1.2.2. ORDER

The fortress known as Kinloch Hold was repaired after the Fifth Blight and continues to serve as Ferelden's Circle of Magi. After the Mage-Templar War, Ser Delrin Barris took up his new post as Kinloch Hold's new Knight-Commander tasked with restoring order to the Circle with a storied history.


The combined efforts and financial support of Marquis DuRellion, who holds a modicum of claim over Haven through his Fereldan wife, and a penitent Arl Gallagher Wulff of West Hills has seen to it that Haven is slowly recovering from the devastation that Corypheus' forces, a mix of rebel mages and Venatori, inflicted upon the settlement. Though still a remote village, Haven has become a place of opportunity for those looking for a fresh start or for those who want to assist in its reconstruction.

Haven, however, is still disputed territory. DuRellion's claim through his ailing wife, a Fereldan noble by the name Machen, is not finite. The village, made famous by the now-disbanded Inquisition, is now a site of political interest to a number of other Fereldan nobles as well.

The leadership of Haven will be determined by this plot. It's entirely possible that an OC will wind up the new leader of Haven.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] Haven Recovers


Relations between Kirkwall and Starkhaven have soured in recent years, due to Prince Sebastian's recent attempt of occupation of the former. His forces were driven out of Kirkwall with help from the Inquisition, however. The City of Chains has been in a phase of reconstruction, though on a much grander scale then that of Haven. Under Viscount Varric Tethras, with some assistance from his Inquisition colleague turned new Comte, Maxwell Trevelyan, Kirkwall's repairs have been coming along quite nicely. Some reports state that the city's Chantry is almost entirely rebuilt yet labourers and even pilgrims still flock to the site in question. There are rumours, however, that progress has occasionally been slowed due to sabotage attempts-made on final efforts to complete the building.
The Gallows stronghold still serves as Kirkwall's Circle albeit, at the behest of Grand Enchanter Vivienne, the grim fortress is currently undergoing renovations to make the structure more liveable. Given that both construction efforts within the city are large undertakings, Kirkwall is experiencing a great influx of labourers seeking opportunity. Unfortunately, housing for said labourers has become limited and a builders encampment has been erected in the Gallows courtyard, housing smiths and masons - many of whom are surface dwarves. Occasionally fights break out between the labourers, the settling of such disputes has required the Templars and City Guard to work together a bit more closely in the last year.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] Kirkwall Restoration

1.3. Quests


Following leads that Jean-Marc Stroud may not have actually died albeit remains trapped in the Fade, the Grey Wardens have secretly begun to mount a rescue effort.

OOC Plotting Thread: [Minor Plot] No Man Left Behind

2. Potential Plots

Below, we've compiled a list of possible plots for those wishing to explore them further. Many of these are, in fact, canon to the Dragon Age lore i.e. were hinted at in epilogues or other literature.


Players are welcome to explore: what the "massive catacylsm" might have been, what happened to the expedition, or, really, anything related to the Voshai. See "Laysh" for further details.


Apparently there are people living in this southern region, off the map and below the Kocari Wilds, and the Chasind call them "Agadi" which means exiles. It sounds like these exiles formed tribes of their own throughout the course of history, so this has a wide range for possible plots. It's even possible that these exiles are not entirely all Chasind either. This seems similar to how the Seekers of Truth apparently exile those who fail in their duties to the Sea of Ash, further west. Likewise, it seems plausible that both groups of exiles could have overlapped on occasion, given their respective map locations, if they ever united in some off-map southwesterly region such as south of the Arbor Wilds. If that happened, it might be interesting to see if those exiled Seekers ever shared the secrets of their order, in part or in full. I could see this as being a possibility for some Spirit Warrior origins or non-Seeker/non-Templar affiliated pseudo-Templar origins. Some could even be elves, given the possible Arbor Wilds connection. There's a lot to play with, here. Have at it.


The Executors claim to act "on behalf of powers across the sea", presumably entities which reside in lands beyond the Amaranthine and Boeric Oceans. They were mentioned in Dragon Age: Inquisition during the war table operations "Investigate the Strange Chalk Markings" and "Unmask Those Across the Sea". Although they don't specifically claim to be from Amaranth, a land found east of Thedas across the Amaranthine Ocean, it is possible that they are. We leave it for other players to explore this as a potential future plot. Feel free to make it your own.