Guide: Staff Roster & Member Info

Staff Roster

Aliana (Admin) aka The Maker, at least where this forum is concerned.

Staff needed!

While the game is in need of additional moderators at the moment, preference for these roles goes to those already known to Administration as well as to players who have shown leadership, adherence to the rules, and community involvement on the boards and who are active on our Discord channel.

Distinguishing Usernames

You may have noticed that some usernames are coloured differently than others. We use the "Styled Member Names" plugin in order to distinguish between certain factions, classes, or races in the game. This is not the same as your character's spoken dialogue coloured text (and any colours listed here can still be used as text/dialogue colours if they haven't already been claimed), rather we use it simply as a means to distinguish which class or faction a character belongs to. We also use it to distinguish staffers from non-staff.

Here's the "legend" of those colours and their HTML codes for reference:


Unassigned (Newly Registered User) - #F6F6F6
Canon Character - #000000
Grey Wardens - #050F42
Templar Order - #3C90A7
Seekers of Truth - #5B5A56
Orlesian Chantry - #FBBF1F
(The below are used if one of the other main factions above doesn't apply...)
Civilian - #352020
Mage - #7e2573
Rogue - #336B1E
Warrior - #BB6900