Codex: Hero of Ferelden

The Warden

Aedan Cousland

The tale of Aedan Cousland, a warrior of exceptional skill tempered by a diplomatic mind, ended when he sank the blade into the archdemon's head and destroyed it forever. King Alistair delivered the eulogy at Aedan’s funeral but the Grey Wardens recovered Aedan’s body, and interred them at Weisshaupt in a magnificent tomb next to Garahel's. Though he did not romance any of his adventuring companions, it has recently come to light that the late Aedan Cousland had a thing for barmaids. Over the last decade, a number of Aedan's prior dalliances have come forward and presented the late Warden's still-living brother, Teyrn Fergus Cousland, with the consequences of Aedan's carelessness—the consequences themselves being a number of children born out of wedlock, many of whom were conceived well before Aedan became posthumously named the Hero of Ferelden. As such, the Teyrn's had his hands full over the last thirteen or so years.

DA:O Choices

• Recruited all possible companions, including Shale; owned a mabari hound.

• Did not romance any of his companions.

Allies Against the Fifth Blight: Circle Mages, Dalish, and those who were cured of the werewolf curse.

Helped Redcliffe by... 1. battling the dawkspawn and was named the “Champion of Redcliffe” thereafter, 2. ensuring Connor was not possessed, 3. finding Bevin for Kaitlyn and then paying for the boy’s family sword, 4. ensuring Bella became Redcliffe’s new tavern owner (and accepted a kiss from her for saving Redcliffe), 5. renuniting the blacksmith, Owen, with his daughter, Valena, 6. letting Brother Genitivi return to Denerim (Genitivi attended the Warden’s funeral later on).

Helped Denerim by... 7. handling the White Falcons and the Crimson Oars, without bloodshed, for Sergeant Kylon, 8. Sparing Ser Landry, 9. refusing to participate in Slim Couldry's crime wave, 10. refusing to complete Master Ignacio's assassinations.

Helped Fereldan nobles by... 11. rescuing Oswyn and telling his father, Bann Sighard, about Rendon Howe’s treatment of him thus gaining Sighard’s support for Alistair during the Landsmeet, 12. returning to Alfstanna her brother Irminric’s ring as proof of his survival; thus gaining Alfstanna’s support for Alistair duing the Landsmeet.

Helped the Dalish by... 13. saving the Hall for Elora 14. returning a wounded Deygan to his people, 15. brokering peace between the Elves and the Werewolves (and found a cure for the werewolf curse).

Did not help the Dalish by... 16. Seducing Gheyna, ensuring no possible relationship between she and Cammen could exist in the future.

Helped the Dwarves by... 17. recovering an ancient registry for Orta (she regained her family’s noble status) and gained her support for Bhelen, 18. gaining enough influence for Bhelen the crown of Orzammar, 19. returning a stolen tome to the Shaperate, 20. assisting Brother Burkel with the creation of a Chantry in Orzammar, 21. by arranging for Brother Burkel’s chantry to take Zerlinda and her son in, 22. putting Ruck out of his misery and then telling Filda, his mother, that her son died a hero, 23. convincing Dagna to study at the Circle, 24. uncovering and sharing the origins of the Legion of the Dead.

Helped the Circle Mages by... 25. refusing Cullen's request to have them all killed, 26. defeating Ultred, 27. ensuring First Enchanter Irving survived.

Helped his companions by... 28. visiting Alistair's sister, Goldanna (even though that dour visit hardened the future king), 29. assisting Leliana in finding and killing Marjolaine.

Aedan also... 30. did not defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes, 31. sided with Cairdin in killing Branka and destroying the Anvil of the Void, 32. slayed Sophia Dryden and allowed Avernus ethical research, 33. died killing Urthemiel.

Post-DA:O Outcomes

• Since they weren't the Warden, all other "Origins" from this installation are potentially alive (i.e. available for adoption), including: a Fereldan Circle Mage (named Daylen Amell, if male, or Solona Amell, if female - Hawke's cousin, either way); an Elven Mage (named Alim Surana, if male, or Neria Surana, if female); a City Elf (named Darrian Tabris, if male, or Kallian Tabris, if female), a Dalish Elf (named Theron Mahariel, if male, or Lyna Mahariel, if female); a Dwarven Noble (named Duran Aeducan, if male, or Sereda Aeducan, if female); or a Dwarven Commoner (named Faren Brosca, if male, or Natia Brosca, if female).

• Aedan Cousland's sacrifice has not been forgotten and he is posthumously remembered as the "Hero of Ferelden”.

• Due to his death, his role in the narrative was suceeded by an Orlesian Warden-Commander by the time of the Awakenings DLC.

• Coin given to Bevin for the boy's sword in the years prior afforded Bevin’s sister, Kaitlyn, the funds to move to Denerim and open a foundry that greatly increased her wealth and where at court she, by pure chance, met Teagan again, who was then still the Bann of Rainesfere—within months, following the end of the Fifth Blight, Teagan and Kaitlyn were married.

• Bella renamed Recliffe's tavern "The Warden’s Rest" in his honour.

• Avernus' ethical research led to the mage's discovery of a concoction that extends the lives of Grey Wardens, previously doomed to shortened lifespans after their Joining, to unnatural lengths. His research served as the precedents that inspired the the Grey Wardens to search for a way to prevent the Calling.

• Though he did not romance any of his adventuring companions, it has recently come to light that Aedan Cousland had a thing for barmaids. A number of his one-time flings have come forward over the years, presenting Fergus Cousland with the consequences of his late brother's indiscretions.

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