Application Form

Application Form

Applications must be filled out in their entirety. The form includes notes in some sections, which should be removed when you go to enter your character’s information. Please use the Character Creation guide when building your characters!

The form has been pre-formatted for posting, using BBCode (copy and paste it into a new post). You may want to keep a copy on your desktop.

When posting your profile in the Applications Queue, please remember—the subject field of the new post you create should be your character’s name.

Do not delete the [img] links, they are dividers for each section.

This form is also available via Google Docs, if you prefer: Thedas & Beyond Character Application - BBCoded.

Finally, please choose a dialogue colour and place that code in your signature.
(Add character art here - MUST credit the artist w/ link back to original source)

[b]Player Handle[/b]: (this is NOT the name you should register with - a player handle is either your real first name or your preferred gamer alias)

[b]Registered Username[/b]: (the username you registered with - it should be the first, last, or full name of your character i.e. NOT your player handle)


[b]Display Name[/b]: (change this to your character’s name— to find the Display Name field: go to Profile > Edit Profile > Personal—use their first name by itself, or their first and last name, or their first name, ONE middle name, and last name)

[b]Full Name[/b]: (if your character has an exceptionally long name, put it here, e.g. Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast—if it's the same as your Display Name, just remove this line)

[b]Nickname(s)[/b]: (shortened and familiar versions of their name, childhood monikers, cognomens, or pet names go here—i.e. nicknames of a personal, or even affectionate, nature)

[b]Aliases[/b]: (handles, assumed names, trade names, noms de guerre, i.e. false names or professional aliases)

[b]Namesake[/b]: (who was your character named after—if no one, remove this line altogether)

[b]Title(s)[/b]: (only applies to special titles, such as those of the nobility or those who’ve been named Champion or Hero of a city or region—remove this line if it doesn’t apply to your character; if it does apply, you’ll need to explain how they came to possess the title in your Origins section)

[b]Style(s)[/b]: (forms of address—Ser, My Lord, Your Worship, etc.—remove this line if your character is not nobility or royalty)

[b]Class[/b]: (choose from Civilian, Mage, Rogue, or Warrior)

[b]Specialization[/b]: (refer to corresponding class in the skills and specialization table of the Character Creation section)

[b]Occupation(s)[/b]: (your character’s daily commission goes here, this includes faction, i.e. military or clerical, ranks)


[b]Gender[/b]: (choose from Male, Female, Transgender, or whatever descriptor floats your in-character boat)

[b]Orientation[/b]: (as in the Dragon Age series itself, our RPG is LGBT-friendly—prejudices against the LGBT community won't be tolerated, but it's also fine if your character identifies as Straight as well. Many of the canons, like Cullen Rutherford for example, identify as Straight, while others, like Josephine Montilyet, identify as Bisexual, and others still, like Dorian Pavus, identify as Gay. As of right now, Major Canons whose orientations are known are locked into their canon preferences, while Minor Canons are fair game and/or open to interpretation. Feel free to add whether or not your character is romanceable here as well, i.e. Bisexual; Romanceable or Straight; Non-Romanceable.)

[b]Race[/b]: (choose from Human, Dalish Elf, City Elf, Qunari, Tal-Vashoth, Vashoth, Dwarf, or Half-Dwarf—note: for Elf-Blooded characters, choose the non-elven race as your character's race and place the phrase Elf-Blooded in brackets next to it, e.g. Human (Elf-Blooded))

[b]Date of Birth[/b]: (refer to the Chantry Calendar for guidance)

[b]Birthplace[/b]: (remember, birthplace doesn't necessarily mean ethnicity)

[b]Appearance[/b]: (height and build should be applicable to your character’s race, i.e. dwarves cannot be taller than 5', unless they're half-dwarves, and elves cannot be heavily muscular (physically fit elves should choose Athletic—remember, elf-blooded characters will not look elven at all)

[b]Signature Scent[/b]: (you might think this is weird to add, but you'd be surprised how useful it is during roleplay—what does your character smell like!? Some of the canon lore has stated that lyrium-users have a subtle scent of ozone about them—a bit like how the air sometimes smells before a thunderstorm)


[b]Weapons[/b]: (please use canon crafting materials)

[b]Garments & Armor[/b]: (characters are allowed to change into different attire in-game, just use this section to describe what style is usually typical of them)

[b]Inventory[/b]: (non-weaponry belongings should be listed here, as with attire this may change in-game as narrative progress so just describe what the character typically carries)

[b]Coin[/b]: (choose from None, Few, Moderate, or Affluent - this is just an on average descriptor but it should align with your character’s economic status)


[b]CLASS SKILLS[/b]: (For Rogues, Mages, and Warriors only. Civilians don't fill this part out.)

[b](name of skill tree)[/b]:

[b]SPECIALIST SKILLS[/b]: (For Rogues, Mages, and Warriors only. Civilians don't fill this part out.)

[b](name of specialty skill tree)[/b]:

[b]NONCOMBAT SKILLS[/b]: (These exist for purely narrative flavour. All classes, including Civilians, can write what they wish here so long as it has nothing to do with combat. Can your character read and write? Do they know basic first aid? Are they a good singer? Etc.)

[b]LANGUAGE SKILLS[/b]: (Please use the canon languages from the Dragon Age series.)


[b]Marital Status[/b]: (choose from Unmarried, Married, or Estranged)

[b]Companion(s)[/b]: (usually refers to pets or mounts, but also applies to NPC templar guardians for Circle Mage characters—note: mounts are regionally specific, thus you'd have to explain the logistics of how your character came to be in possession of a rare mount if it's not something they'd easily find in their own nation. Moreover, mounts require care therefore your character must regularly have access to enough funds to take care of them. Refer to our Mounts codex for more info.)

[b]Faction(s)[/b]: (refer to our Factions codex for summaries on these, note: some restrictions will apply so please read the Character Creation section carefully)

[b]Family Member(s)[/b]: (we don’t need a family tree—just list immediate family, or particularly famous relatives, here)

[b]Known Associate(s)[/b]: (list any canons, or plot-specific NPCs you want to make note of, that your character has associated with—past or present—here)


[b]Faith[/b]: (your character's religious alignment goes here)

[b]Personality[/b]: (your character’s core personality, habits, idiosyncrasies, and world view should be listed here—do not exceed 3 paragraphs)

[b]Backstory[/b]: (a summary of your character’s personal history goes here—please include their whereabouts during the Fifth Blight and their involvement, if any, during the Mage-Templar War. Do not exceed 6 paragraphs. This section counts as your writing sample, so be sure to provide detail here)